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How to Paint Interior Walls – The Home Depot

What a house looks like matters a lot when it comes to making a great impression. It may be its walls, which are painted in various bright or light colors to define an individual or a home. This is the right place to find what color is best for your home, as we guide you with the color that defines you. For an elegant decor, you can choose Neutral colors like beige and brown or even a soft palette of pastel shades to suit your choices. A room can’t be said to be perfect, only with its furniture all around; the walls when painted in a striking color of choice, can be that immediate face-lift that an otherwise drab room requires. There are proper steps that need to be followed to paint a wall; have a look at our blogs for more help with painting and color choices.

Painting a Bedroom Wall

Look matters a lot when it comes to describing a house. It may be the walls which are painted in various bright or light colors that defines an individual or a home. This is the right place to find what color is best for your home, as we guide you with the color that defines you. For an elegant decor you can choose Neutral colors like beige and brown. A room can’t be said to be perfect with only its furniture all around, it’s the walls with painted colors that makes it complete. There are proper steps that need to be followed to paint a wall; if the step is not properly followed the look that you desire may not be achieved.

Bedroom Ideas: Painted Graphic Effects

A house is just defined by its look. It may be its walls which are painted in various bright or light colours to define an individual or a home. This is the right place to find what colour is best for your home, as we guide you with the colour that defines you. For an elegant decor you can choose Neutral colours like beige and brown. A room can’t be said to be a perfect only with its furniture all around, it’s the walls when painted with colours make them complete. There are proper steps that need to be followed to paint a wall; if the step is not properly followed the look that you desire may not be achieved.

Rag Roller Faux Finish Painting by The Woolie

Wall painting is a tricky and tedious work at the same time. Firstly for any dual colour effect you need to choose a colour three shades lighter or darker than your desired base coat colour. Next it’s essential to remove any lint or dirt that might have had cling to the rag roller; for this wrap broad adhesive tape with its sticky side up a couple of time on you palm to create a loop and them swipe it gently over the rag roller. Repeat a second time. Since decorative painting using rag roller requires two people to work simultaneously on the same wall, puff up your roller appropriately while the other strokes the wall with top coat paint and get a little ahead for you to create space for roller application.

How to Choose Paint Colors

Are you looking for tips on choosing the best colours for the walls of your home? Then you have come to the right place. Here, at dukespainting, we offer a range of colouring tips and resources to help you ascertain the right kind of look for your home that suits your sensibilities. If you are looking t paint the walls of your home, the first thing to keep in mind is the colour selection. Colours play a very important role in the determining the look of the house. Neutral colours like beige and browns offer a warm colour palette which is perfect for an elegant decor with splashes of gold. If you are looking for a more modern and stylish look, however, then consider getting all the walls painted in one basic hue with just one wall textured in a vibrant colour pattern. This will help draw attention to the wall as a piece of painting in itself and lend a contemporary take on the interiors. For more such helpful tips, watch this video.

Get the best wall paints

A room can best be decorated with the perfect furniture but what about the walls? The walls also play a major part in decorating a room. A shabby wall does not look good whereas the walls with the best paints give a gigantic feel to your rooms. There are various problems that occur after you give your walls quality paint as you want your walls to look the same for years but that’s not possible as many of us do not follow the steps that are needed to make the walls look young forever.  Paints done in the walls are everlasting if certain process is followed for it. Some of them are as follows: 2015-07-23 11-16-52


Tips for wall paints

  • Many of the walls suffer a common problem of getting pealed off. The pealing of paints from the walls does not look good and makes the wall look shabby and damaged. This can also affect the concrete of the walls. It basically happens if the painting in Northcote is done on a moisture wall. The walls should always be kept aside from moistures before it gets paint over it. After getting paint over it, the walls should be maintained properly from getting untidy other hazards. This is just what you need to do to make your walls lock evergreen for a longer period of time.
  • It is seen in many of the walls that the paints get cracked in between, and it also makes the walls look cracked. This is not the way you expect your walls to be in, especially when you’re getting professional painting services in Toorak. the reason for this kind of problem is the thinning of the paint. The problem occurs when an even thinning is done to the paints which make the paint lighter than needed. It may also happen if the paints are not properly coated over the walls. There is a process for spreading the paints over the walls, and if it is not followed in the correct way, then it may cause various problems like these later. 2015-07-23 11-22-36

  • Most of the walls suffer from the problem of the paints getting washed away. There are various ways that your paints can get washed away, and it does not look presentable at all. Firstly you should avoid going for the paints which costs less as these paints can give you a chance of more expenses later. There are other ways also like the constant accumulation of dust and stains on your walls. To avoid these problems, there should be a proper maintenance of the walls done. Choosing a good quality of paint and a proper maintenance of it after spreading them on the walls is the best you avoid these problems.

More on wall paints Walls that are painted well get the best accolade from the visitors, that’s why we recommend that you invest the time and money in hiring a professional painter in Melbourne to do the painting in your most populate rooms. The walls can be painted in various ways. You can go for a single coat of color for your walls whereas you can also go for multiple colored coats. There are various art forms available to make your walls look even better. You need to have a detailed knowledge before going for a wall painting. You also need to plan out the colors and for that taking the help from man interior designer is best recommended as the colors you chose for your walls must match with your furniture and fixtures in your room. 2015-07-23 11-35-13

Bamboo flooring- a type of flooring which is eco-friendly

Now a day in the modern era there are different kinds of flooring that are available for the beauty of the house. Among them, one is the bamboo flooring that is getting quite popular among the consumers. The advantages of the bamboo flooring is a lot and also it is nice looking. The finishing touch gives an ultimate change in the style of flooring with this grass plant bamboo. Bamboo is a tall grass plant, but it has a strong trunk, which is very much durable. Moreover, they have different types of shades and grain giving you a variety of flooring look. 2015-06-18 12-10-02


Advantages of bamboo flooring

Now a day’s most of the apartments are turning away from the traditional cement or wood flooring and going for the option of the bamboo flooring. Moreover with the increasing environmental concern this is one of the eco-friendly choices as for building green building. For the commercial spaces and the personal home use, bamboo flooring is one of the great choices for the flooring purpose. Moreover, it is becoming popular also for its style and other benefits. We will discuss the bamboo flooring and its benefits with a wide ranges and options of environmental benefits and advantages.

The first and the foremost reason for choosing a bamboo plant, as for building the flooring is that the production of the bamboo plant is in huge. The fast-growing plant is bamboo, and so it can meet the demand of the consumers for the building of the floors. By a research team, it has been observed that the shoot can grow maximum up to three feet high in a single day. Hence, one can materialize how fast a bamboo plant can grow. Comparing the performance of the bamboo wood, it is hardest hardwood. And we know that the hardness is the main factor in the durability of the flooring. But it is also a fact that as per the species and its variety the hardness also differs. So the user should have a clear idea of the hardness of the bamboo plant. 2015-06-18 12-13-36


Touch of elegance within a limited budget

Bamboo flooring is a type of flooring which adds a touch of elegance in the look of the home. It is warm in its look. So a touch of class is being added to the bamboo flooring and also its looks nice with matching furniture and accessories in the room. Many interior designers opt for the bamboo flooring for its environment friendliness and warm look that can be done in one way.

The labors who are being hired for bamboo flooring will give you a low-cost bill as it is very easy to install. There is no such complex way of installing the bamboo flooring instead it is a straight forward way of the installation thus reducing the cost of installation and saving in your pocket. And finally bamboo flooring is quite adaptable and can be install at any place without any hindrances. Thus for all these reasons and pros bamboo flooring it getting popular with going days. 2015-06-18 12-14-40

Contemporary Kitchens-Remodel Your Cooking Place

Remodeling your kitchen is always required if you seek for new innovations and looks for your cozy place of cooking. In contemporary & designer kitchens the license to variations and changing things as per your desire is easily affordable and feasible. So, keeping track of the new trends and newest technology and designs is undeniable. Here are a few ideas that you may try to incorporate to give a decent and praiseworthy look to your kitchen-

  • Open out-

You should opt for open shelves rather than full length shelves. It gives a larger space to your kitchen and makes it more comfortable and accommodating. The standard conduct is that the lower shelf should be 18 inches above the counter.

  • Upgrade your appliances-

Having the newest technology as appliances like energy efficient and stylish refrigerator, double ovens, your own coffee maker, water saving dishwasher, among others literally remodels your kitchen.

  • Shining hardware-

Upgrade your hardware as well. Install shining and contrasting door knobs, shelf handles, wardrobes Sydney and horizontal lip to the cabinets that go best with the wood of your cabinets.

  • Ceiling color scheme-

Never deny the ceilings and chandeliers. A good ceiling with proper colors as per the demand of your taste, flooring and cutlery creates an aura that gives a decorous look to your kitchen.

  • Paint and colors-

Proper paints and color choices with contrasting looks can add shine and completely remodel your contemporary kitchen. Blue and brown are always the most preferred ones. Blue goes well with the ambience and purpose of a kitchen and brown with the wooden installations.

  • Cutlery-

While remodeling your kitchen always keep in mind what was it, that wasn’t working at the first place. And then make appropriate choices. Shining cutlery added with the above steps can turn your kitchen into best. Classical utensils, regal ones from Denmark and England, ethnic from Italy are all easily available in the market. As per your taste you can make the smartest choice from the diverse options that you have.

  • Sink-

This is the central important thing in your kitchen. Be very careful in remodeling your sink. Obviously to make it budget effective you should purchase the same shape sink as the last one as it would not requireany demolishing of slabs and walls. Also even in single shape various designs are available.

  • Storage-

In a kitchen organization is the most important. And storage holds the keys to organizing things. A well maintained storage place can very easily be attained by smart cabinets, caskets, dining table and recycle bins. A good storage not only organizes things but creates space for other things as well like fair enough space for your wife or maid, a good place for your small wine rack may be.

  • Update yourself-

The process of remodeling once done updates almost everything in your kitchen. However, new things and designs always pop up in the market with whole new brands of products and varieties. So always keep track of what’s new in the market.  

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Why to hire a professional for complete house inspection ?

Being a Melbourne’s resident, if you wish to buy you a new home, you must know that of how much drastic it can be if you buy it without getting the complete house inspection done. Just like any other investment, investing your money in the house can be very risky if inspection is not done thoroughly. A complete house inspection may include visual check up for flooring, siding, plumbing leakages, roof leakages, doors and windows, electrical systems and most importantly checking up for the pests. If the inspection is not done properly that could lead your investment to a loss by increasing the cost for its treatment and by degrading the value of your property.


If you do the inspection by yourself, you will most likely detect the problems like roof leakages and plumbing problems etcetera but you may miss some problems from tiny pests like termite and dry rot. These undetected pests can be very dangerous for your property as they destroy the structure of your home by hollowing it from inside and may even lead to collapse. To avoid such damage it is highly recommended to hire a professional for complete house inspection so as to ensure that everything is inspected properly.


A house inspection should be done by a professional who is trained and certified to do inspection.  Before you choose the home inspector make sure to hire a one who is trustworthy and competent, many homeowners make a mistake of choosing cheap inspection companies or the one recommended by the seller. The least expensive companies are usually the one who lacks in experience and technical savvy. Appointing such a home inspection professional is really a bad choice coz by doing so, you handover your valuable home to a loutish person.  You can easily find any good and experienced termite inspection professional in Melbourne by asking from your local real estate agent or by getting a list of certified professionals from the google as well.


During the inspection, you should go along with the inspector to check whether the professional is doing his work properly or not, from this you can even learn some maintenance tips for your house. According to the survey, the owners who don’t accompany their inspectors are more usually get the false report or may don’t realize how worse the condition is. Just like the construction of the new home should be done by the professional, inspection of home also requires a professional person especially in the case of pest inspection.


Many housing societies in Melbourne, hire pest’s inspection professional to offer periodic house inspections to maintain the quality and structures of their society. Moreover, some sellers also get the pre-selling inspection done from the professional so as they can provide the inspection report to the buyers at the time of contracting for demanding  good rates for their property. A proper house inspection may give you benefits in monetary terms and help you in maintaining your home for the longer period. House inspection is important for your property, and it is only worth doing if done by some professional inspector.

Polished Concrete Floors – A Step Towards Economical & Healthy Flooring

Usually, when you think of concrete floors, the first thing that come in your mind is they are cold, simple or industrial. But when they are polished, they show up many benefits and become available in many attractive designs. By virtue of these advantages concrete floors are becoming most prefered by the homeowners around the world. Some of the most common benefits of concrete floors are:

  1. Low maintenance:

Concrete floors can be easily cleaned using the mop and soapy water. When polished concrete is floored along with baseboards they provide the ultimate finish. They require low maintenance in cleaning and for care.

  1. Economical:

Polished concrete floors have low cost, concrete flooring is very cheap, compared to tiles and wooden flooring. Just polishing the floor will fix the tonal differences, cracks and other minor issues that may occur.

  1. Sustainability:

Concrete is found to be the most sustainable material. It does not require any chemical procedure for its cleaning. When polished it can be altered into a suitable design that can look perfect in kitchen or living room.

  1. Durability:

Concrete can be used for many years when used with proper care and maintenance. Concrete have high strength and can withstand various pressures and temperatures. A polished concrete floor can last for hundreds of years as compared to tiles which can last only for 10 to 20 years and requires timely maintenance to avoid dullness in color. Concrete floors are hard in nature and are rarely subjected to cracks.

  1. Stain/Chemical Resistant:

Concrete has the ability of being stain resistant, stains can be easily cleaned from the floor. Even the chemicals don’t affect the sheen finish of concrete floor that is why they are preferred in industries and service sectors.

  1. Versatility:

Polished concrete flooring can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes no matter where you want to have concrete flooring it suits up every location. You can use concrete flooring in office, home, industries everywhere. Polished concrete floor is available in a large collection of designs.

Polished concrete is a type of concrete which is treated by chemical densifier using grinding tools. Its a solid material and does not chip or dent like soft materials does. Polished concrete can be obtained in various designs when dyed and stained in different patterns. Polished concrete flooring can be machined using heavy duty polishing machines to obtain a certain level of smoothness and shine. Opting for polished concrete floor is a better option in every manner either it is maintenance, durability or economy polished concrete floor lead in all qualities. Polished concrete is a water resistant and high light-reflecting material. You can use concrete flooring in your future projects. Polished concrete provide healthy flooring as it does not allow the formation of bacteria and moulds on your floors. These floors can be disinfected or sanitized using natural cleaning agents. You can have the high gloss seal in your polished flooring by using acrylic sealer that will give it a wet look. Choosing to have a polished concrete flooring for your home or office is a step towards economical and healthy flooring. Are you in Melbourne and looking for a reputed expoxy flooring expert? Well we confidently can say Better Seal Epoxy Flooring is a great company to hire for safe and perfectly finished floors!