Different uses for powder coating

Powder coating is a hard coating or finish that is applied to metals such as aluminum or steel.  This coating, as its name implies, is applied as a powder is not a traditional wet paint which allows it to bond with the metal.  If applied correctly, it will not chip, crack or peel.  Powder coating was first introduced in Australia in about 1967.


At Just Powdercoating you will get wide variety powder coating  colors so it can be used for all types of products from A to Z.  The automobile industry is the largest consumer of powder coating.  Many parts of automobiles benefit from the permanent coating.  It is applied during the manufacturing process so the pieces can easily be sent through the different processes from cleaning, rinsing, application of the powder to the final coat being fired in an oven to 160 – 210 degrees Celsius.    The finish can be a wide range from flat matte to a high gloss or anything in between.  Yes, the automobile industry utilizes this process for many parts of the vehicles.  Motorcycles and other sport vehicles can also benefit from this coating for pieces that in within the vehicle under the hood or the shiny outside.


Powder coating can also be used on ‘used’ pieces of metal to make them shiny and new looking and they will then stay that way.  The preparation step is the most important but if it is done correctly, that old stove, piece of farm machinery or wheel rim will look brand new.  The value of a piece of metal will increase well beyond the cost of the powder coating.  Refreshing the outside of an appliance or other metal object will not just make it look nicer but it will also keep it from rusting which will increase the life of the object.

Leisure pieces of furniture like outdoor furniture such as patio furniture, tables, decorative stands, and chairs when powder coated, will last much longer and will look sharp without having to constantly be repainted.  It holds up well outdoors in the salty marine atmosphere when properly taken care of with washing it down as needed.


Coils, springs, metal fences and other items used in agriculture also are great uses for powder coating.  These are items that are hard to reach and once they are in place, one does not want to climb up high or reach around to try to repaint.  Other similar uses include telecommunication equipment like cell towers, radio and TV towers and power generators windmills have great uses so one does not have to climb up them to paint!


Child’s toys such as metal wagons, tricycles, bicycles and other playground equipment are also great for powder coating in Bayswaters and Bayswater North. Not only do they look great with hard use, but that little one cannot ingest paint chips when they may nibble on a handlebar or other part as little ones could do.


There are many different uses for powder coating.  Check out this process today!