How to ensure you get the best finish for every paint job

If you have already decided to have your car or a piece of furniture painted, you certainly want to get it done the right way. The new paint should be even and attractive and it should remain so for a long while. A coat of paint should also protect your items from any damage. A great solution to ensure these needs are met is powder coating. It’s a good long term solution and a convenient option.

Powder coating is a rapidly growing field which is used to paint metals, such as household appliances or automobile parts, and furniture and other items. Overall, powder coating services makes up over 15 percent of the entire industrial finishing field, since it can be used for several purposes.

Powder coating comes in a variety of colours and textures, You can use a powder coat service for metallic surfaces, plastics, or medium density fiberboard. It can also be used on your garden furniture, fence, windows, entrance door or your motorcycle frame. As you can see, it is great for both commercial and residential uses.

Powder coating is a dry finishing process, an advanced painting technique. The powder used for this painting technique might be a thermoplastic or a thermoset polymer, it does not need a solvent in order to keep the binder and filler parts in a liquid form, and it can be applied fast. We use electrostatic spray deposition to apply powder coating with a spray gun. After that, it is cured at extreme high temperature, which makes the material flow and spread everywhere. In the end, it forms a hard finish which is tougher than traditional liquid painting. Powder coating is of high quality, it is able to protect any material from impact, dampness, ultraviolet light, rough weather conditions and many kinds of damages. It is extremely durable. It provides protection against scratches, abrasions, corrosion. Powder coating service is your best choice to keep items durable and safe. The result will last for many years.

Powder coating is also an environmentally friendly option. Since powder coating does not need a solvent, it is less harsh for the environment, while paints used for traditional painting are toxic waste. Powder coating service is for the conscious consumers.

Powder coating can be applied only on tidy, stainless, bare surfaces. Make sure that you remove dirt and rust with sand paper, chemical strippers, or a wire brush, manually or mechanically. The surface should be clean from grease and oil. You can approach powder coating bayswater to experience brilliant results.