Perth Signs, What You Need to Know!

Perth was the second largest city in Western Australia (after Darwin) and was named after the Captain James Cook, who found it with a peninsula protruding out into the sea. You’d never guess that an area located so near to the Great Barrier Reef had such a diverse and beautiful background, don’t you? And don’t think that this was just a boat trip… Perth realises that the views from their pier are some of the best in the country and they’re constantly working on improving their location and facilities to make sure that visitors have as much fun as possible!

But what exactly do these Perth signs actually say? Well, the signs are there to help you ‘dip your toes in the water’ and get a feel for this wonderful city. From informative and educational to a bit handy with a sense of fun, you’ll see that they have a tendency to keep up with the times and they do this well! The key is that they don’t simply sell you on the ‘wow’ factor – that’s an entirely different article!

However, with Perth signs you’ll undoubtedly notice what they suggest. For example, you’ll notice what the signs tend to suggest when you are considering taking an excursion into this beautiful city. Firstly, let’s start with the most obvious things: The Tuggeran Bay is a great place to holiday and to explore. It has lots to offer; it is home to the ‘Tuggeran Bay Ferris Wheel’, which is a wonderful attraction that you should be able to tell about by the signs that are dotted around the place. If you’re willing to venture further into the bay, you’ll discover ‘The Pier’ and ‘The Pier Restaurant’ amongst other interesting points of interest.

Once you have had a taste of what’s on offer in Perth, you can then consider taking in a Perth show at the famous Perth Entertainment Centre (PEC). It’s a must-visit for any Perth tourist, with its lovely old Victorian buildings and grandiose architecture. There are also some amazing cafes and restaurants in PEC, so you’d better get out and sample them! But once you’ve had your fill of the shows, why not return to ‘home’ Perth and enjoy the many shopping experiences available?

One of the first places you’d want to visit is ‘ancies’. Here you’ll find a number of unique boutiques specialising in Perth wine, hand made jewellery, accessories and other wares. The Auctions are also worth a visit, if you’re looking for something unique to bid on. There is no limit to the selection of goods at Auctions, which means you could well end up buying something completely unique. With Auctions however, you’ll need to act fast. The sooner you get there, the more likely it is that you will win!

So that brings us back to the topic of Perth ‘at a glance’ signs. You’ll notice that most of them give some information about what’s on offer, but very little in terms of description. However, this isn’t surprising, as it can be difficult for even the most trained of visionaries to describe something that is hidden in such striking scenery! What you’d like to do is to take a look around and see what you can spot as you travel around, taking note of anything that catches your eye.

If you are looking for something a little more detailed than that, then you could also try ‘Words of mouth’ (the Yellow Pages). This service operates much like the Auction’s site, but here you can actually book your trip online. As well as letting you know about local events and what days they are available, they also let you know about train times, car hire companies, ferry times, etc. If you’d rather have a map, there are plenty of options available, and of course you can use the Yellow Pages for that. So, if you’d like to find Perth in a different way, then you might want to consider this route.

If you’d rather head out into the wilds to search for your destination of choice, then it’s worth considering the many tours and excursions available. There are guided walking tours, biking tours, wine tasting tours, and boat trips. If you’d prefer to tour with your own guide (who can also tell you about the history of the area), then there are tours available as well. Or if you’re feeling adventuresome, why not book yourself a kayak rental? The waters of Perth are perfect for water sports, and you could get yourself involved in one of them!

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