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Cordless Power Tools

Cordless power tools work almost like corded electric tools, but without the cord. Cordless tools are usually powered by a rechargeable nickel-cadmium or rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Rechargeable nickel-cadmium batteries provide several advantages including the ability to be recharged repeatedly, long charge times, and the ability to continually use the cordless power tool while multiple batteries are being used. Lithium-ion batteries also have the advantage of being able to be reconditioned. Both types are known for their longevity.

While there are several cordless power tools with both rechargeable and standard batteries, there are several disadvantages to using these as opposed to corded models. Most of these batteries can be discharged to below 60 percent of their initial capacity in just a few charging cycles. The main disadvantages are that they can be bulky, take up valuable real estate in the vehicle, and pose a fire hazard.

The most common type of cordless power tools is the screwdriver/socket set. Screwdrivers and socket sets consist of three cables: the black cord, the white cord, and the protective black case. Typically these tools require an extension cord to operate in extreme cold or warm weather because the screws or sockets can get too hot. Additionally, the cord can get tangled in power lines or in walls and drapes.

Cordless drills tend to be more compact and smaller than corded tools. One major disadvantage to using cordless power tools instead of corded ones is that you need to remember to change batteries, which takes time. Another drawback is that you don’t have the same range of versatility with cordless drills as you do with corded ones. You can’t work around corners and awkward spaces with cordless drills, for example. This type of versatility makes them excellent for small tasks, such as sanding, masonry, etc.

Aside from the obvious disadvantages of cordless power tools, there are also a few advantages, which make these tools a good choice for some projects. For one, they tend to be cheaper than their corded counterparts. There are some exceptions, but that generally means that these tools are made by less expensive brands, and thus the price gap is typically smaller. Also, with most brands, you have the option of exchanging batteries in order to swap out different sizes or brands of batteries, which can greatly reduce the cost of ownership for this product. In addition, you also have the advantage of portability and flexibility when it comes to where you use your tools.

The biggest downside of cordless power tools is that you won’t be able to carry a huge arsenal with them, as most come with only three to five volts of power. You also won’t be able to bring your tools wherever you want to use them, as most of them rely on batteries in order to operate. While you can find cordless tools in a variety of sizes, there is not a lot of variety when it comes to battery size, meaning that you’ll have to choose between small, medium, or large batteries in order to get enough power for what you’re attempting to do.

Some of the better cordless power tools include the Ryobi, Festool, and Lithium. All three brands produce cordless power tools that are very reliable and versatile. They all use lithium ion batteries in order to provide the greatest overall durability and reliability. The Ryobi brand is especially great if you need a drill but don’t want to deal with the hassle of replacing a battery. The Lithium brand is great if you need to be able to take your tools wherever you go, while the Festool brand is ideal for both woodworking and gardening enthusiasts.

The final aspect of the cordless tools we’re going to discuss is the battery. Most corded power tools use standard AA batteries in order to function. If you don’t care too much about the power (and who does, really), you can choose to use rechargeable or disposable batteries, but keep in mind that these batteries will only power your tool for an hour or two, after which the batteries will need to be changed. The batteries used in cordless tools tend to last much longer than those used in corded tools, however.

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