Curious Questions To Ask A Bobcat Professional

Bobcat operators are a particular breed. You don’t get to handle such powerful and large machines without the guts and determination to deliver the results. These are tough machines and misusing them cause both dangerous and deadly problems. That is why you can’t just jump on a bobcat and take it for a ride. So rather than do that, why you speak to a bobcat professional and see what they say when it comes to handling such a powerful machine? 

How Many Years Have You Been In The Job? 

It is always good to know how many years an operator has been in the job. The longer they’ve been in the job, the more experience they would have and the stories they could tell! With all those years behind the wheel, they would have gained plenty of knowledge and learned all the tricks of the trade to deliver everything you want. 

Can You Handle Residential Or Commercial Properties? 

No two jobs are the same, so you want to know if the operator has all the skills to handle all types of properties, including both residential and commercial. While the concept seems the same (property is property and land is land), they are two very different approaches that must be taken. So speak to them about if they can handle any project on offer. 

How Many Bobcats Do You Have? 

There is no “one bobcat” – there are hundreds of models that are used for different sized projects, types of terrains and much more. Knowing that an operator has an array of bobcats, means you can hire anything you want. From getting a large bobcat to a posi track bobcat hire in Melbourne, you want to know if there options available. 

What Are Your Services? 

Bobcats can do a range of tasks and handle a range of projects. The trick is to find out which project works for you. There are plenty of services to remove soil in Melbourne, but what about redesigning landscapes or flattening terrain? Speak to the operator and see if they have the services you need. 

Do I have To Worry About Permits? 

Unfortunately, you might have to. Depending on the project you are undertaking, and how it affects the community, you might have to get a permit for any work be completed. The best way to make sure is to speak to your local council and outlay them with your plans. You will get an answer back within four to six weeks. 

Hopefully, you would have struck up an interesting conversation with the bobcat professional. But if you are on a serious note and want some work done for you, we recommend speaking to the experts at IRB Tippers & Bobcat. With years of experience and an array of bobcats to handle any situation, you know they are the guys you can trust to deliver the results you want. 

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