Polished Concrete Floors – A Step Towards Economical & Healthy Flooring

Usually, when you think of concrete floors, the first thing that come in your mind is they are cold, simple or industrial. But when they are polished, they show up many benefits and become available in many attractive designs. By virtue of these advantages concrete floors are becoming most prefered by the homeowners around the world. Some of the most common benefits of concrete floors are:

  1. Low maintenance:

Concrete floors can be easily cleaned using the mop and soapy water. When polished concrete is floored along with baseboards they provide the ultimate finish. They require low maintenance in cleaning and for care.

  1. Economical:

Polished concrete floors have low cost, concrete flooring is very cheap, compared to tiles and wooden flooring. Just polishing the floor will fix the tonal differences, cracks and other minor issues that may occur.

  1. Sustainability:

Concrete is found to be the most sustainable material. It does not require any chemical procedure for its cleaning. When polished it can be altered into a suitable design that can look perfect in kitchen or living room.

  1. Durability:

Concrete can be used for many years when used with proper care and maintenance. Concrete have high strength and can withstand various pressures and temperatures. A polished concrete floor can last for hundreds of years as compared to tiles which can last only for 10 to 20 years and requires timely maintenance to avoid dullness in color. Concrete floors are hard in nature and are rarely subjected to cracks.

  1. Stain/Chemical Resistant:

Concrete has the ability of being stain resistant, stains can be easily cleaned from the floor. Even the chemicals don’t affect the sheen finish of concrete floor that is why they are preferred in industries and service sectors.

  1. Versatility:

Polished concrete flooring can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes no matter where you want to have concrete flooring it suits up every location. You can use concrete flooring in office, home, industries everywhere. Polished concrete floor is available in a large collection of designs.

Polished concrete is a type of concrete which is treated by chemical densifier using grinding tools. Its a solid material and does not chip or dent like soft materials does. Polished concrete can be obtained in various designs when dyed and stained in different patterns. Polished concrete flooring can be machined using heavy duty polishing machines to obtain a certain level of smoothness and shine. Opting for polished concrete floor is a better option in every manner either it is maintenance, durability or economy polished concrete floor lead in all qualities. Polished concrete is a water resistant and high light-reflecting material. You can use concrete flooring in your future projects. Polished concrete provide healthy flooring as it does not allow the formation of bacteria and moulds on your floors. These floors can be disinfected or sanitized using natural cleaning agents. You can have the high gloss seal in your polished flooring by using acrylic sealer that will give it a wet look. Choosing to have a polished concrete flooring for your home or office is a step towards economical and healthy flooring. Are you in Melbourne and looking for a reputed expoxy flooring expert? Well we confidently can say Better Seal Epoxy Flooring is a great company to hire for safe and perfectly finished floors!