Why Clean your Roof

Proper maintenance of your property includes regularly cleaning your roof. A dirty roof is not just an eyesore; it is likely costing you money by decreasing the longevity of the materials, increasing your energy bills, and decreasing your overall property value. Before resorting to putting on a new roof you may be able to hire a roof restoration company or try to do it yourself, potentially saving thousands of dollars.

Infrequent Maintenance Shortens Roof Life

New roof are generally guaranteed for a number of year, but without proper maintenance it may not even make half of its rating. There is a mould and fungus that tends to grow at the edges of the shingles and if left untreated will continue to loosen the shingles and degrade the coating. This will radically reduce the lifespan of the shingles and your overall roof. Unless you specifically get up there and kill the mould or fungus it will thrive and hibernate through the seasons

Increased Energy Bills

The roof is one of the main components in regulating temperature throughout your house. When the roof’s integrity is compromised the reflective and air flow properties of your roof decline. There is evidence that the algae also increase the absorption of light further increasing the temperature of your home. This will cause your air conditioner to work overtime and decrease the ability of your home to naturally regulate its temperature. Depending on the severity this could end up costing you hundreds of dollars a year in higher energy bills.

Decreased Property Value

A stained or unmaintained roof is a sign that you do not keep up with regular household maintenance. You’ve heard of curb appeal and with your roof taking up a good portion of the external view, the perceived value of the property is instantly lowered. If they can see such glairing problems on the roof than they have to assume that there are similar maintenance issues in the house. If you cannot sell as is then it may result in the cost of a new roof being taken off the asking price.

A solution can be as simple as a roof cleaning or roof painting depending on the current status of your roof. The algae can be dispelled using the appropriate chemicals or the specific shingles may need to be replaced. There are many options when looking for roof cleaning; Melbourne has some services that cost less than a hundred dollars. Even painting or spot roof replacement can save thousands over redoing your whole roof.

The Home Owner Associations are now adding re-roofing or roof cleaning to their list of requirements. As this issue gets understood more and more there is no reason not to act, and actually a lot of good reasons to take action today.

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