8 Things You Didn’t Know About Paint

Painting has become one of the biggest home improvement jobs that don’t always require a professional. You may think you know all about painting but today you will learn 8 things you probably didn’t know about paint. Painting may seem simple, but there a lot of surprising things about paint, from The White House to before the birth of a nation and even as far back as The Middle Ages. There are many surprising facts about paint that most people don’t know at all. So sit back and let’s learn something new.

1: Purple became a royal color because only the very rich could afford it. Why? Because the process of making purple paint was very complex. You see, during roman times you had to crush 4 million mollusk shells just to get a pound of purple paint! Now that’s a lot of shells.

2: Most Native Americans actually use black paint to signify life and yellow paint to signify death. This is interesting because in many cultures this is usually the opposite. Life is signified by yellow, because of the sun and daytime and black signifies death because of the night and also because black is the lack of color; like the lack of life.

3: Here’s something you probably didn’t know, The White House is painted every single year! Why? Because The White House is white because of the original lime-based whitewash that is used to protect the stone walls of the building; interesting.

4: You probably know that if you mix two colors together you can get a third color, right? Well did you know the first person to realize this was Pluto, the Greek philosopher?

5: The Aztecs really like red paint! The Aztecs loved red paint so much they actually regarded it as more valuable than gold itself!

6: Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel in the 1500s and it only took him four years to complete his masterpiece. Surprisingly, when it was restored in the 1900s it took 20 years to restore.

 7: In today’s world our phones are lit up and we can easily read any text at any time with the help of electronic lights and light bulbs, but in The Middle Ages it wasn’t that easy. People actually had to use precious stones and egg yolks to light up their writings.

 8: America was founded in 1776, but did you know that ‘The Color Wheel’ (you may remember it from school) was actually invented by Sir Isaac Newton in 1706, 70 years before the birth of America.

So as you can see there are many things about paint that most people just don’t know and most of them are very interesting! Now look at that, you probably just learned 8 new things today. You should feel good, because as they say, “Knowledge is Power”, and indeed it is. So the next time you go to paint your house or your chair, just remember that there is more to paint then meets the eyes and it has a very vibrant history.

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